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Custom Paint by Number | Personalized Photo

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custom paint by number kit

Create your custom paint by number from a photo in seconds:

  1. Upload a photo by tapping the grey "upload" box above.
  2. We'll transform your photo into a custom paint-by-number design and painting kit. 
  3. We'll deliver your kit to include everything you need to paint your masterpiece.

Paintable Pictures Custom Paint by Number Canvas Kits

We exclusively design and build personalized and custom paint by number products from our studio here in Columbus, OH. All we need from you is your favorite photo! Within a day we design, build, and ship a custom paint by numbers gift package to your home. Your complete suite of products will include your custom-printed canvas, brushes, paints - everything you need to bring your painting to life.

Our custom products are designed and built to be timeless keepsakes - everything worth a lot in our lives, from significant others to pet portraits. We use world class inputs: custom acrylic paint recipes, proprietary design tools, and museum-grade canvas.

Size options include 12x15, 16x20, and 22x27 canvas.

Your paint by number kit will include:

  • Up to 36 pods of acrylic paint curated specifically to recreate your photo
  • 3 sizes of acrylic paint brushes
  • 1 professional-grade pure white linen canvas
  • A preview of your paint by number from a photo

Need some help creating your masterpiece?

  • Email us at
  • Staffed by design and operations teams at our home base in Columbus, OH.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 86 reviews
    Sandy T
    Baby Grandson

    So far, so good. Still painting, but it looks good. I appreciate all of the care and attention I received to ensure the picture would look as natural as possible. If I am able to complete the project, I will definitely order another one for my other grandson.

    Sam I Am
    Perfect gift for all occasions!

    This was such an awesome gift! I purchased it as Father's Day gift to an extremely artistic father from a not so artistic daughter. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. They provide almost everything you need and I truly enjoyed converting a very treasured picture into a beautiful work of art!

    Fabulous idea

    This is a fabulous idea and surely it's going to turn out awesome BUT it's very difficult and time-consuming. The paint by number areas range from a pencil head eraser to a dime in most areas. It is very tedious.

    Jen Wisniewski
    Perfect Present

    My husband got me a paint by numbers of my favorite photo from our wedding for my birthday.
    I was so excited to get it done I finished it in 2 days. It came out amazing! I’m already trying to decide what photo to do next.

    Steve Mirin

    My girlfriend painted the picture and it turned out ok but she was not able to completely cover some of the lines as they were darker than the paint. Also some of the numbers did not print very well. They were very hard to read.