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“I think this DIY project is so neat: Turn your pet’s photo into a paint-by-number template, then print it on the enclosed canvas, and finish with the brushes and acrylics.”

A 'Paint Your Photo: Pets Edition' custom paint by number kit, showing an open box with printed instructions and a QR code. Inside, there's a palette of numbered paint pots, brushes, and a smartphone displaying a pet photo ready to be painted.

Everything you need & fully customizable

Paint your Photo kits have everything you need to paint your furry friend

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A smartphone displaying a custom paint by number preview of a dog with a 'Choose photo' button, pointing with a purple arrow towards a printer which is printing out a custom paint by number design of the dog.

How it works

  1. Use tech tools included to transform your photo into a paint by number design
  2. Print your design onto your included printable canvas sheet
  3. Paint!
A partially painted custom paint by number canvas of a dog alongside paint pots labeled with numbers 7 through 12. A purple paintbrush rests on the canvas, and a smartphone shows the reference painting preview of the dog with a 'Choose photo' button.

From 0 to Painting in Minutes

Begin your artwork in minutes - no painting experience required

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