Paint by Number Murals for Events

Elevate Your Event Experience with Paint by Number Murals

Discover the ultimate interactive centerpiece for your next event—a customizable Paint by Number Mural designed to captivate, engage, and inspire. With Paintable Pictures, you unlock an immersive experience that evolves in real-time, leaving your guests with an unforgettable experience.

Paint by Number Mural Events

Ideal for conferences, brand activations, corporate events, and philanthropic fundraisers, our custom paint by number murals serve as the center of enthusiasm and engagement.

More than just an activity - it's a collective experience.

paint by number mural

Paint by number murals: How it works

  1.  Your custom artwork: We transform your artwork into a paint-by-number design on canvas.
  2.  Build: Using your artwork, we build your custom paint by number mural kit. Each paint by number mural kit comes complete with paints, brushes, canvas, and a pop-up easel for an easy 5-minute setup.
  3.  Delivered! Simply open the kit, set up your mural, and get to painting! 
paint by number mural

Paint by number mural pricing:

Paint by number mural kits start at $1,499+ and include paints, brushes, canvas, and easels

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