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Ranking the Best Paint by Numbers Kits


When you’re looking for the best paint by numbers kit, what do you care about? Here at Paintable Pictures, we think there are primarily two things to consider. The first and most important is how the painting turns out. When you buy a paint by numbers kit, you’re not interested in painting something second rate. You want something you can hang on the wall. You want something that’s meaningful to you. 

The second thing to think about is whether this kit will be fun to paint. You want a subject you will find purpose in painting. You want colors that sing to you. If you really enjoy detailed painting, and want a better looking final product, pick a more complex painting. If you want something easier to paint, pick something with fewer and bigger “regions.”

Our rankings for the Top Paint by Numbers Kits

8. Eiffel Tower: Dreaming about a romantic springtime vacation to Paris? Paint it while you save up for it.

Eiffel Tower Paint by Numbers

7. Lakeside Boat: This is a great painting for nature lovers! We think the most interesting part is how the sky & greenery are reflected on the lake.

Lakeside Boat Paint by Numbers

6. Rainbow Owl: This painting is more beginner friendly and a bit less photo-realistic. Paint this symbol of wisdom in all her colorful glory!

Rainbow Owl Paint By Numbers

5. Sunflower Vase: If you want the classic flowers in a vase painting, this one’s for you. And this painting doesn’t need to be watered and it won’t wilt!

Sunflower Vase Paint by Numbers

4. Van Gogh Harry Potter: Here’s a fun Harry Potter & Vincent Van Gogh mashup. Even if you didn’t get Hogwarts letter, you can still paint the magical castle in classic Van Gogh style.

Harry Potter Van Gogh Paint by Numbers

3. Colorado Mountain: Relive your favorite mountain hiking expedition or skiing trip with this beautiful Colorado mountain painting.

Colorado Mountain Paint by Numbers

2. Baby Yoda: Look there’s no denying it. Everyone - men, women, and children - love Baby Yoda. Paint your favorite new Disney character before season 2 wraps up.

Baby Yoda Paint by Numbers

1. Custom Paint by Numbers Kit: The most meaningful painting is always going to be of the people or pets you care most about. Upload a photo of something or someone you want to paint and we’ll ship you a kit of everything you need to paint it. Buy America's best custom paint by number kit here.

Custom Paint by Numbers
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