Paint your Pet by the Numbers!

Paint your Pet by the Numbers!

All you need is a photo or photo of your pet and we will send you a complete kit with everything included to create your own masterpiece!

Choosing a photo:

  • Pick one with good lighting. Select a photo that is well lit, without shadows cast on your pet's face.

  • Make sure your pet's eyes are clear. Photographs of your pet looking at the camera or showing his/her full face work best.

  • Avoid blurry pictures. Pet photos taken indoors or where your pet is not moving are best.

You will receive paint, brushes, and a canvas with the outlines of your pet's face so that you can paint by numbers.

The paint by numbers kit is a great way for beginners to start painting. The kit includes a canvas with the outlines of your pet's face so that you can paint by numbers: each section will have a number, and you will use the corresponding color to paint that section. The kit also includes paints and brushes so that you have everything you need to start painting.

Even if you have never painted before, anyone can do this!

If you're thinking of painting your pet by the numbers, don't worry. It's really easy to do and anyone can paint their pet by the numbers. You just need to have a little patience while you paint, but once you've finished, it will look like a real masterpiece!

The process is actually very simple:

  • Choose a template of your pet

  • Print out the number and color corresponding to each spot on the canvas

  • Paint over your pet in each area with that color on the template

  • When you are done, it will look as if your pet was painted by God himself!

You don't have to be skilled at painting to make your pet immortalized in a beautiful portrait.

You don’t need to be an artist to make your pet immortalized in a beautiful portrait! With Paint by Numbers, you can paint a beautiful painting of your pet and have fun as you do it. It’s easy to understand, fun for both adults and children alike, and makes for a great gift or activity for the family.

Paint by Numbers is an excellent way to get the whole family involved in something creative that doesn’t require much skill. No expensive art supplies are needed—all you need is some paints (which come included with your kit), water, and brushes. You can try it out on your own (it’s super easy) or with the kids (super fun).

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