Our Best Paint by Number Tips

Our Best Paint by Number Tips

Congrats! You just received your Paintable Pictures kit in the mail and you're ready to get started. Here's a few tips to ease the process over the next few days or weeks (or even months, now that school's back in session).


1st- Take a reference photograph.

Why: Helps to fix mistakes and read the numbers.

How: Pull out your phone and take a few pictures of the canvas, make sure you have plenty of light so it's not blurry. Concentrate on the really dense areas and the ones most important to you. You can reference the photos if you painted a bit out of bounds. Sometimes zooming into the pictures can make it easier to read some of the numbers on the tiniest of areas.


2nd- Make a reference sheet

Why: Paint changes color as it dries, this can make adding a second coat problematic when trying to match the color... and you've already painted over the numbers.

How: Find a piece of heavy white paper or white card stock. Number the sheet to match the number of paints received. As you open a new paint pot, dab a bit next to the corresponding number. If you need to go back and repaint areas, or add a second coat use the reference sheet to match the proper color.


3rd- Seal your paints tight.

Why: Keep your paints smooth.

How: Firmly press on the cap, all the way around. Sometimes the area around the hinge can be stubborn. If you run into any dry or goopy paint e-mail us at support@paintablepictures.com and we can help you figure out a solution. Depending on the style you want to achieve, the goopy paint can create a lot of neat texture on the canvas, from grass to fur, just make sure you have enough! Use a drop of warm water to thin paint, or leave it open until it gets to the consistency you want (check and stir every 30 minutes or less).


4th- Wash your brushes immediately.

Why: Well maintained brushes help you control the paint on the canvas better.

How: When you finish using a color for the session, wash the brush immediately. If you let the paint dry on the brush, soak the brush in warm water for 10-15 minutes then try to clean again. Do not let your brushes soak too long or overnight.


5th- Remember to step back every once in a while.

Why: You work much closer to the painting than anyone will ever view it. It looks better than you think.

How: Step back at least five feet. This will let your eyes blend the colors better and allow you to visualize the finished product as you work. Perhaps that really difficult area doesn't need to be quite so precise or that color you weren't sure about actually does start to blend. See it through!

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