Cat custom paint by numbers

Custom portraits of our beloved pets with custom paint by numbers designs

If pet owners know one thing it's that their pets deserve to be honored in special ways. And while we'd love if Queen Elizabeth would Knight every ‘good boy’ and adorable kitten, we have to find our own ways to give them the special treatment that they deserve. 

For ages royalty has been honored through painted portraits. Many can close their eyes and picture famous paintings of Kings, Queens, Presidents, and their families. Now, our modern household nobility - our pets - deserve their likeness portrayed on high quality canvas all the same.

With Paintable Pictures we can dedicate our wall space to pets the same way we dedicate the foot of our beds, our couches, and a few choice pieces of leftover flank steak to our beloved companions.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Find your favorite photo - one that captures the personality and energy of your furry family member
  2. Upload that photo and purchase a Paintable Pictures kit
  3. We’ll transform that photo into a paint-by-numbers design. We’ll break the photo down into its core color regions, apply that illustration to canvas, curate a custom set of paint and brushes, and send a complete kit to you (or your gift recipient’s) home.

These types of portraits are among our absolute most popular paint by numbers requests at Paintable Pictures. Build your personalized paint by number!

Here are a few examples of what your custom painting could look like:


Buy a kit to paint your dog playing at the beach!

Frame your favorite feline friend for a crime she didn't commit!

See if your parrot is smart enough to recognize his own plumage in your painting!

Paint your bunny exploring your backyard!

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