Announcement: Schipper Paint by Number Kits Now in Stock

Announcement: Schipper Paint by Number Kits Now in Stock

We've become famous for our custom paint by number products.

As we've grown, we've become famous for our custom paint by number products.

At this point, thousands of customers have commissioned their own unique paint by numbers kit from a family photo.

We're able to deliver these products in days instead of weeks because we make them in-house at our studio space in Columbus, Ohio. We take great pride in making high quality products and are committed to making high quality painting products accessible to everyone.

Today, we're announcing that we now sell Schipper Paint by Numbers

We're thrilled to announce that we now carry a new paint by number brand, Schipper. These kits are for adult painters who want the highest quality experience, and have been around for more than 50 years.

We were searching for paint by numbers kits to add to our collection, and when we found Schipper's products, we knew right away it was the only one that would meet our strict quality standards. This is a classic brand with a history of excellence—and we think you'll love that they're made in Germany!

Schipper Paint by Numbers

Schipper Paint by Numbers are a German company who have been creating premium quality paint by numbers kits since 1969. They have built up a reputation for high pigment concentration and high quality brushes, which all contribute to their fantastic results. Their easy instructions mean that anyone can enjoy painting like an artist!

Schipper Kits are perfect for the beginner or experienced artist!

Many different styles to choose from.

You know the story of little Goldilocks and the three bears? "This one is too hard, this one is too easy, but this one is just right!" Some people might say that a paint by number kit is "too easy," but we believe that art should be accessible to everyone. The beauty of Schipper paint kits is that they offer a range of challenging designs for every skill level. Still, it can be daunting to choose your first paint kit when you want something more than a beginner project. Don't worry! Whether you are looking for something simple or complex, there's definitely a paint by number design out there for you.

Schipper paint by number kits are now available on our website.

Schipper paint by number kits are now available for sale on our website. These kits are different from other paint by numbers because they have a wide variety of designs, themes, and color palettes to choose from. In addition to the traditional landscapes and portraits these kits feature pictures of animals, cityscapes, flowers, and more. These kits come in many sizes with some as small as 10” x 12” and other kits that are as large as 28" x 52" in total area.

At this time we are the best place in the United States to buy Schipper paint by number kits so don’t delay your order any longer! Check out the full collection here.

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