Announcement: Free Printable Paint by Numbers by Paintable Pictures

Announcement: Free Printable Paint by Numbers by Paintable Pictures

We’re really excited! Today is a huge milestone for us and our customers. Today we launched Printables. What’s that? Printables are best-in-class, free-to-download paint by number designs. The guiding design philosophy for Printables is “how do we build a free paint by number product that anyone can use?” Consequently, Printables are designed to be printed on normal 8.5”x11” sheets of paper. That can be a bit small for a painting, but if you want a bigger painting, you can just print out the same design on a bigger surface. Printables are open to anyone - whether you’re an adult or a child, a man or a woman, a beginner or an expert - Printables are for you.

Here at Paintable Pictures, our goal is to make painting possible. When we started the company, we chose to start with paint by number kits because they’re the best way for many amatuer painters to get started with painting. When we started looking at the industry, we realized that people buying custom paint by numbers were getting scammed. Customers thought they’d get their personalized painting kit within days, but we found that vendors were taking many weeks to deliver on their promises. So, our first product was a custom paint by number kit that was made in the USA and could be delivered in days. We’re really proud of what we’ve accomplished so far and the quality of the product we’ve been able to deliver to customers.

But we’re not done! Today marks a major milestone in our mission to make painting more accessible. We noticed that there were no good options for people who wanted free, downloadable, printable paint by number designs. There are a few existing solutions out there, but they’re all lazily done. In some cases, they’re just missing what colors you need to paint the painting. So we worked our magic and came up with Printables. Printables have everything you need to get started with a printable paint by number; a templated design to paint or color in, a paint color key, and a preview of what the finished painting will look like. All for free!

To get started, head over to our collection of printable paint by numbers and find one you like. On each Printable page, you’ll find instructions and links for how to download, print, and paint your free paint by number. 

We’re also launching Printables with optional upgrades for those that want artist grade painting supplies. For each Printable, we have three upgrade options; Curated Acrylic Paints + Brushes, Frameable Museum Grade Canvas, and the Whole Kit and Caboodle. For the Curated Acrylic Paints + Brushes option, customers will get a set of brushes and exact paint color matches for their printable paint by number. For the Frameable Museum Grade Canvas, we’ll print the paint by number template design on archival quality canvas and ship it to you. If you buy the Whole Kit and Caboodle, we’ll give you everything you need to complete the paint by number painting. 

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