Announcement: Custom Paint by Numbers - Now in the USA!

We’re proud to announce a big milestone for our business - we are now assembling and shipping all of our orders from our headquarters in Columbus, OH, USA. As far as we know, we are the first and only in the custom paint by number kit industry to fulfill orders from the United States. 

When we started this company, we were disappointed by most of the custom paint by numbers suppliers. Most were shipping mediocre kits from China that took 4 or more weeks to arrive at customers’ doorsteps. Many of them spoke garbled English to their customers; on their websites, in the instructions they provided to their customers in their kits, and through their customer support channels. 

We knew we could do better. That’s why we built Paintable Pictures. We thought that when customers were buying a premium, customized product, they expected an exceptional experience. Customers deserve quality materials that are shipped in a timely manner and backed by top-tier customer service.

When we started the company, we wanted to get going as quickly as possible and start learning about what customers cared about so we could serve them to the best of our ability. To go as fast as possible, we did what everyone else in the industry was doing - we fulfilled orders from China. Customers had all kinds of questions about how long their order would take to arrive or why it hadn’t gotten there yet. Quite frankly, we were embarrassed by our level of service. But unlike the rest of the industry, it was only a temporary measure. And thankfully one that is now behind us.

Bringing our fulfillment operations to the United States is a huge step for us. Most importantly, it allows us to deliver orders in five business days instead of the industry standard of four weeks (or more!). Not only can we ship the initial orders faster, but if there’s a customer problem we need to solve by sending more paints, brushes, or canvas, we can fix it in days instead of weeks. 

Check us out if you'd like to order a custom paint by number with fast shipping.

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