6 Personalized Gift Ideas for Your Romantic & Artsy Girlfriend

6 Personalized Gift Ideas for Your Romantic & Artsy Girlfriend

Personalized Paint by Numbers

Give your artsy girlfriend a gift that brings her creativity to the next level.

Buy her a personalized paint-by-numbers kit! It’s a great way for her to get creative and relax. Regardless of how skilled she is at painting, she’ll have fun creating art and making memories with this unique gift.

If your girlfriend loves arts and crafts, she’s sure to appreciate being able to make beautiful pieces of artwork herself. A personalized paint-by-numbers set makes it easy for her to create lovely pieces that show off her personality and express what’s important in her life. She can use these kits on their own or with friends, making them perfect for group activities like girls' nights in or birthday parties."

Custom Portrait

Have you ever been struck by the thought that your girlfriend is so beautiful that a painting would only serve to tarnish her glory? (Or maybe you don't think she's that beautiful, but want to flatter her anyway.) Well, I have good news for you: you can order custom portraits in pencil, watercolor or oil paint. Simply send them a picture of your girlfriend and they'll return the favor with an artistic reproduction of her likeness.

Here are some ideas for using this gift:

  • A single-person portrait of just your girlfriend - because she deserves it.

  • A double portrait of the two of you - so she can fondly remember how cute the two of you used to be before everything went downhill.

  • A family portrait with everyone in it - including pets! Because if anyone deserves a tribute to their sweet adorable faces, it's the whole bunch of 'em. (By the way...not sure if this one counts as personalized since it includes other people...)

  • Or maybe even a celebrity portrait -- why not? If we're going to get unrealistic here, I might as well go big.

A Personalized Mug

If you're already in a relationship:

A mug is a great gift that can be personalized to fit any taste and preference. If your girlfriend is romantic, you could buy her a mug with your photo on it (this will also show her how much you care about her). If she's more artsy, a unique design would do the trick. For those who love puns and witty jokes, there are plenty of mugs for them too. The possibilities are endless!

If you're not already dating:

A mug isn't just the perfect gift for certain occasions; it's also the perfect gift for certain people. Whether she's artistic or quirky, social or shy, old or young; there's nothing better than giving someone something they'll treasure forever. In fact, this mug would make an excellent present for *anyone*!

A Blanket or Pillow with Her Face on It

Of all the personalized gift ideas for your girlfriend, this one is probably the most narcissistic. It’s a blanket or pillow with her face printed on it. It sounds weird, but it’s actually pretty cool if you use her face or an image of something she likes from your relationship.

You can order these from a number of different companies, but MyFaceBlanket seems to be pretty well-known in the business and not too expensive either (prices starting at $60 for a blanket). This can also double as a good gift for yourself when you want to cuddle with her while watching Netflix.

A Custom Soundwave Print

Let’s begin by acknowledging the fact that there are a lot of options out there for DIY soundwave art. Etsy is one continuously crowded marketplace, and Google provides no shortage of junk sites that are going to try and sell you their soundwave canvas prints. Despite this huge market, it was surprisingly difficult to find a good deal on this gift option.

You’re best off finding an artist, who can create something custom for you if your budget allows for it. Otherwise, stick with the companies I analyzed below:

State Art Prints

Have a romantic and artsy girlfriend who loves the state she comes from?

Get her a state art print of where she's from. Art prints are really nice gifts because they're an easy way to instantly elevate any room, but especially bare walls when you first move in somewhere new. Add in the fact that it's personalized for your particular person and it's a double-win gift.

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