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Ever notice websites with only ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews? Unfortunately, some dishonest business people will just delete reviews they don't like. These business tactics are especially prevalent in the paint by number industry.

Here at Paintable Pictures, we don't believe in removing reviews. We'd rather shut the business down than do that.

Removing reviews, like all forms of lying, are a shortcut to short term results. It's a hit and run tactic. We don't think about business that way. We're building a business for the long term. We expect to be around for decades to come. The way to win in business over the long term is by building a relationship of trust with your customers and delivering on your promises to every customer, every time. There will be times where we'll mess something up or deliver an unsatisfactory experience (You can read them below!). But our intention is to find a way to make it right. If our products didn't meet your expectations, contact us at, and we'll help you out.

And with that, here is every review we've ever received.


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Baby Grandson

So far, so good. Still painting, but it looks good. I appreciate all of the care and attention I received to ensure the picture would look as natural as possible. If I am able to complete the project, I will definitely order another one for my other grandson.

Fabulous idea

This is a fabulous idea and surely it's going to turn out awesome BUT it's very difficult and time-consuming. The paint by number areas range from a pencil head eraser to a dime in most areas. It is very tedious.

Perfect gift for all occasions!

This was such an awesome gift! I purchased it as Father's Day gift to an extremely artistic father from a not so artistic daughter. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. They provide almost everything you need and I truly enjoyed converting a very treasured picture into a beautiful work of art!

Perfect Present

My husband got me a paint by numbers of my favorite photo from our wedding for my birthday.
I was so excited to get it done I finished it in 2 days. It came out amazing! I’m already trying to decide what photo to do next.

My girlfriend painted the picture and it turned out ok but she was not able to completely cover some of the lines as they were darker than the paint. Also some of the numbers did not print very well. They were very hard to read.

Great quality!!

Wonderful project for when you are stuck home recovering.

The paint-by-number face impressed me most

Part of what makes this hobby so fun is watching the picture emerge from a bunch of blobs. When I began this painting of my grandmother, I wondered how paint-by-number could possibly do justice to a face. I was doubtful, but by the time I was done, the painting really evoked the original. The shadows on her forehead, her neck, her eyes looking through glasses all looked realistic.

This is a great screen-free activity for winding down late at night. I'd get my mother one of these for Mother's Day if she were still living.

Amazing!! The canvas quality is fantastic and the paints are highly pigmented and nice to work with. Can’t recommend enough!

This was the most perfect gift for my husband for our first Valentine's Day married! My order was created SO fast and was delivered within a few days; extremely reliable! The quality of the canvas is gorgeous and so helpful that it comes with all of the exact paint colors you need! And fine tipped paint brushes too! Patrick responded to all of my messages very quickly and gave great suggestions! By far the most personable and wonderful store I have shopped from on Etsy!!! Couldn't be happier with how our painting turned out!!!

I got my paint by numbers and it came out perfect. I made it for a gift for my grandmother and she loved it. Only problem is I specifically ordered through this shop because they advertise “2 day shipping”. It was far more. I ordered it January 5, it shipped on the 6th and it finally arrived the 15. Now don’t get me wrong most other shops take months coming from China BUT I spent quite a bit more in this product due to the fact that it was supposed to be 2 day shipping...\nUPDATE:\nThe customer service for this shop is amazing! Right away after leaving this review I was contacted and the support apologized and offered me a discount on my next order! I have tried multiple different companies to order paint by numbers through and this one is by far the best! Very excited to continue purchasing from them in the future!


Such a special idea for a project. I haven't begun to paint it yet, however felt it was important to make a comment now rather than waiting until it has been completed. Hopefully, I will be able to post a photo of the finished picture.

Great gift

I had given this as a gift and the recipient loved it.

Paint by number

Good overall. Some of the numbers are too small and faint to read. A paint brush for small areas should be included. Overall satisfied.

Loved it! Lots of detail and rich colored paints.

A man and his father

I am so happy with the translation It’s perfect , thank you !!!!

Very nice

Very nice quality canvas. Picture outline was very accurate. Good brushes (I used the small pointy one for the whole painting). Some of the paints were a little thick and goopy but most were smooth. Good pigment in paints.

Woody-Bassett Hound

Love it! Looks just like the picture!

100% recommend

Photo is so unique and artistic. The paints are high quality and I can’t wait to finish painting it. Definitely worth the money. My only complaint is that some of the colors are so light that they take 3-4 coats to color the numbers and lines…. Not a big deal though

Perfect Gift for Mother & Child

A beautiful, personal gift. I chose one of my favorite photos of my daughter and her 1-year-old son. The execution from the photo to the paint-by-number artwork is excellent. I know my daughter & grandson will treasure this gift for years to come.

Will start painting this weekend but so far I’m highly satisfied. And you have been very helpful too

Delighted with this paint by number

Will be my daughter's Christmas gift. I hope to do one of my husband's family home for his sister.

It doesn't get more personal than this.

It's only been a few days so I need to wait to see it. The company included personal note and it was clear they are proud of their product and want you to have a great experience.

If you need something unique, yet special, this is the gift.

It was a significant birthday for a friend who has everything. Her family tops the list of importance. This paint by number kit included family, something fun to do, and was very "uncommon".

I would absolutely buy this product again!

I can't wait for her to finish so we can get it framed!

Perfect gift

Lots of detail in the painting equals small numbers- that's a trade off. It didn't bother me but for some users a magnifying glass is helpful. You will need to buy canvas stretcher bars separately and attach it because it comes as just a rolled up canvas.